Studies have shown that healthy individuals are happier, more productive and reduce overall healthcare expenses. LifeFit Health is a combination "Real World" and "Virtual World" health and fitness program designed to integrate with, and compliment health insurance programs.


LifeFit Health Rewards Dollars can be applied towards health insurance premium reimbursement, health club membership fee reimbursement, chiropratic and massage reimbursement, partner products and services, and rewards store items.


In 2011, the National Research Council found life expectancy in the United States was increasing at a slower rate than in other high-income democracies. Shortly after, the NRC and Institute Of Medicine convened a panel of experts to investigate why.


To become a healthier you, it all starts with information. We've sought to distill this information into a single place. The information provided on this page will walk you through some key indicators of strong health.

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