LifeFit Health is designed by healthcare and fitness professionals who are committed the purpose of LifeFit Health.

The Purpose is to provide value to patients and the healthcare system by leveraging personal fitness and health monitoring technology to promote wellness and create timely awareness for early intervention, thereby reducing hospital admissions and overall costs in the healthcare system, and meeting quality benchmarks to avoid payment schedule penalty adjustment.

Life - Optimize the experience

Fitness - Emotional, nutritional and physical

Health - Contemporaneous healing in HEALth

How It Works

Studies have shown that healthy individuals are happier, more productive and reduce overall healthcare expenses. LifeFit Health is a combination "Real World" and "Virtual World" health and fitness program designed to integrate with, and compliment health insurance programs.

Employees and affiliates of organizations who subscribe to LifeFit Health are provided with a combination of education, fitness assessment, program design and individual and group activities that they can earn "Rewards Dollars" for participation.

Rewards Dollars

The Rewards Dollars can be applied towards:

- Rewards store products and services

- Partner products and services

- Yoga, massage and spa sessions

- Health club membership fee reimbursement